Connecting with the World ‘Out There’

 The entire world of learning and education is grappling with the question of how to make the process for students more real, relevant, authentic, engaging, purposeful, etc. In my previous post I highlighted Mrs. Dieleman’s Food and Nutrition class who served up lunch for our student body. Talk about a ‘real’ experience.

Extending this topic a bit further, here are three other things going on around the school that extend the same theme:

1. Last week Wednesday evening, LDCSS engaged in our annual SCROOGE evening in support of the London Food Bank. This year we tried a few new things to help serve at some other causes in the London community, namely at the Sanctuary and at Mosaic Church. Below is a picture of some of our Gr. 9 students listening in while Andrew, a pastor at Mosaic, talks a bit about low income housing and the challenges associated with living in these circumstances. Overall, it was a good evening and the city of London was served well by the LDCSS community, which is the ultimate goal.

2. Today a few of our students from overseas took an opportunity to ‘interview’ some folks from our community, with the goal to ultimately write up their life stories. This was a great activity from the perspective of learning the English language, but also from the perspective of making ‘out there’ connections in service of something greater.
Jimmy Liao interviewing Marianne Henstra
Mark Zhou interviewing Janette Bax
James Wang interviewing Benj Gesink
Yin Sheng interviewing Wilma Gesink
3. As a board and as a staff we having been grappling with what it looks like to move LDCSS further into the world of ‘real, relevant, authentic, engaging, purposeful’ learning (as stated at the beginning of this post). To extend our thinking, we will be reading the book, Creative Schools by Ken Robinson. Ken Robinson is one of the world’s leaders in innovative learning. To learn some more about Sir Ken, check out his TED talk. It is the most watched TED talk of all time. Here is the link:
And, here is the book. You are more than welcome to read along with us throughout the second semester. We will be providing updates moving forward and you may well want to add to this discussion: