Happy New Year

It is around this time of year that most people take stock of what happened over the past year and try to make some sense of what might be some key areas requiring attention for the coming year. In schools, this is actually more often done in Aug./Sept., but January does still hold some significance.

I have found that resolutions or goals or visions or whatever you would like to call them really need to be simple and concise to be effective. If you have too many, you often get lost in the details and discouraged when real life sets in. If goals or changes are too complex, often we give up and decide that what we were doing was easier. However, it is always a process to arrive at a clear, coherent direction and it requires the input of many people (because in the end many people will be living it out). In other words, in order to get to simple and concise, you have to start with a wide net of ideas.

In terms of goals around LDCSS, including who we are and where we are headed, we are really just in the beginning stages. If you have been following along throughout the first semester’s blog posts, you might get a little sense of some key ideas that we are working with, but clarity is only just beginning to take shape.

If you have ideas about some key things that LDCSS should be considering moving forward, please let us know. I have made this request a number of different times throughout the first semester and I have gotten some great feedback from parents, grandparents, students and wider supporters. Keep it coming!