Thinking About Next Year – Project Days

Believe it or not, a large amount of our energy around LDCSS is already being spent thinking and planning for next school year. One thing that we, as a staff, are looking into implementing for next year is Project Days.

What are Project Days?

Here is a brief description. If you would like to learn more, we are happy to chat!

A Project Day is a day when our student body stays home to work on a significant, student-driven project, as assigned by their teacher. At the same time, our teaching staff will be in at school working on professional development for the day. To balance out credit hours per course, we are planning eight of these days total throughout the year, four per semester, one per course. So, for example, a Project Day 3 for students simply means a day spent working on a project from their period 3 classes.

These projects or assignments will usually take 5-6 hours to complete and could be completed in one larger chunk or multiple, smaller chunks, depending on the project, the student, the class and other factors that may come into play.

Two Key Driving Points on Project Days at LDCSS:

  1. Learning has and continues to change. The format and delivery of learning also continues to change. Project Days are a great way to allow students the opportunity to delve deeply into an area of study and produce a product that is meaningful to them. This could be a great day to get out and see the world, to extend an idea further, to iterate on an existing project or to create something brand new at their own pace.
  2. Learning, development and collaboration time are really important for students but also for teachers. Carving out time to reflect and think through significant PD topics is critical to building a learning culture and quite simply, we need more time to do this at LDCSS.

We are learning and growing together. Anything new always comes with kinks to work out and we appreciate your support and feedback in this process and other similar processes that we will be embarking upon in the coming months and years. More on this idea and others to come…

As always, if you have ideas or questions, let us know.