This year at LDCSS we have started a new initiative that we are calling Advisories. Perhaps you have talked with your son/daughter about this time period and/or you have read about it in some of our other publications. What are Advisories? Essentially they are a one hour time block each week (usually on Wednesdays before lunch) where students get to pick something to be involved in. The options range from choir to robotics to canoe building to a range of other activities. Here is some of the thinking behind this new initiative.

Firstly, we have started to understand our ‘why’ here at the school based on two key ideas. The first idea is that PEOPLE really matter to God. He created us all so uniquely and gave us gifts to share and it is up to us to figure out ways to share those gifts to make the world a better place. The second idea is that Christian schools are in the business of developing a deep sense of PURPOSE in the lives of everyone involved in the school community. Everyone was created on PURPOSE and for a PURPOSE.

So, in a very real way, we wanted to create a spot in our week, every week, where students have a chance to explore something they are interested in and potentially something that God has gifted them to excel in to build His Kingdom in big and small ways. Students may find that they thought they liked something to start with and then it turned out that they really didn’t know as much as they thought and they would rather not explore that activity more. That is ok! Conversely, some students have signed up for an Advisory somewhat hesitantly only to find that they really like that activity and they’d like to learn more. That is also awesome!

As we move along, we will be assessing what works and what doesn’t and figuring out ways to make these experiences even more meaningful as time moves along. If you have feedback, please let us know.