Last year and moving into this year we have begun thinking about the way we use assemblies at the school in a bit of a different way. Within the context of celebrating People for who God created them to be and simultaneously moving them along a path to understanding their God-given Purpose in life, we have tried to have this line of thinking reflected in our full school gatherings that happen every other week or so.

This past Friday we had had pretty long but also pretty dynamic assembly where we unpacked our school theme for the year: Living is Worship. Mrs. Plat-Kuiken led us in a devotion that centered on us understanding that we are all worship-ful beings. We were inherently created to worship something greater than ourselves. As Christians, we know that our lives are anchored in God’s greater story line and because we know this, our lives have meaning and our actions become worship to Him.

This past weeks’ assembly was in many ways a celebration of the gifts that God has given to our students, sharing about what they have been learning and also just having some fun within the context of building community in the school. We enjoyed three pieces of worship music together as led by our worship team. We heard from Stephen and Robor in business class who had delved into a discussion about a Biblical understanding of money. We learned about the World Day of Prayer coming up from Emily in World Religions. We also heard about Ashley’s love of horses and her passion for riding. We ended with some things to look forward to in our Houses including the presentation of the ‘Kit Kat Kup’ to Andrew and Chris (Bocce Ball Tournament winners).

In all of these things, both fun, worship-ful, serious and otherwise, we are trying to develop a school identity, an identity that is ultimately rooted in Christ. That is the basis for the school year theme: Living is Worship. We can’t help but worship, we are worship-ful beings. The key question to ask is who or what you are worshiping through your daily activities like learning, sports, business class and horseback riding.