Over the past year at London Christian High we have been reviewing and thinking through our mission and vision in light of many changing realities in the wider world and in the world of education specifically. As a staff and as a board, we have talked quite a bit in a variety of different formats about the future of education and the future of London Christian High as we look ahead to the next 50 years of our school’s existence. Although it is impossible to predict anything, we still want to be intentional about planning and visioning with the resources and gifts that God has given us.

Last year we also started to engage our wider community in this conversation. At the spring membership meeting we watched a video about the future of education and we spent some time discussing it in a round table format. We asked questions about what increased automation means for our future job market. We talked through our Christian witness in the light of a rapidly changing world. We talked and prayed about what God would have us do next in our own context, right here in London.


To extend this conversation, there are two more very exciting opportunities coming up to provide feedback into the future of London Christian High. We are committed to listening to as many London Christian High stakeholders as possible in this process, a process that is never really ‘over’. To this end, please take a minute and consider providing feedback in one or both of the following formats:

1. Course Offerings Survey – We have put together a simple survey that is designed to obtain feedback from anyone who has an interest in the future of London Christian High. This could include current students, future students, alumni, past parents, current parents, future parents, grandparents, wider supporters, teachers, board members, and/or anyone who is a friend of the London Christian High community. We want to hear from you! Although the beginning of the survey requires a little bit of reading, stick with it and provide any helpful thoughts that you have about our current course offerings. Thanks in advance for your thoughtful feedback!

Here is the link to the Course Offerings Survey.

2. Fall Membership Meeting – This coming Thursday Nov. 24th we will be hosting our annual Fall Membership Meeting. However, we are going to be taking a new look at our Membership Meeting format moving forward and we would like to be clear that this meeting is for anyone who is interested. You do not have to be a Member to attend. If you are interested in providing feedback and dialogue-ing with other supporters, you are most welcome to attend. We are really excited about this opportunity as we will be hosting a panel of experts from a variety of different fields of work who will be talking to us about what they look for while hiring people and working with teammates. We, as a school, are going to be drawing out key principles to better understand the world that we are sending our graduates out into. And, as an added bonus, our Food and Nutrition class will be serving appetizers at 6:30pm, before the meeting at 7:00pm. See you there!

Here is the link to the Membership Meeting package.

We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for your continued support of London Christian High. I am continually encouraged by those of you who pop in to offer your support and ideas about how we can better serve you, our wider community. Blessings!