In GLE, students have been learning reading strategies alongside learning about poverty. Poverty is a complicated thing. We’ve looked at God’s view on poverty with the help of the True Story curriculum. It has walked us through Bible readings about how poverty began with The Fall and will end with the return of Christ, how poverty is not just financial, but also physical, relational, and spiritual. It also showed us Bible verses about how God responds to poverty and therefore how we should respond as well: with compassion.

Not only are we looking at poverty from a Biblical perspective, but also trying to look at it in a global and local sense. We have looked at global poverty through research on Haiti and its recent natural disaster. On Monday, we looked at local poverty by spending the day at Sanctuary. We helped set up for the drop-in, made food for lunch, hung out with folks who came for lunch, played euchre with them, and listened to three powerful stories from Sanctuary members. It was a day to serve, to witness a great ministry, and to put a face on the real experience of poverty.

Please pray for our class as we continue to dive deeper into the issue of poverty in our world.

True Story (free curriculum for youth):
Sanctuary London: