Schools are interesting places in that there are some really natural spaces in the year that cause automatic reflection, new goal setting and fresh starts. Breaks like Christmas and March break do this to some degree and summer break also, however, for many people in schools the ‘new year’ starts when the semester changes. We are now at the end of our first semester. It really flew by. We have a lot to be thankful for as we look back on all of the truly dynamic learning that took place for the glory of God. We also have a lot of hurt and pain that continues to linger in our community. Looking back, it was a semester full of highs and lows.

To end on a high note, this coming Thursday (Jan. 19) will mark our end of semester celebration, we call it our Celebration of Learning. The day will start with an assembly that will feature a wide variety of different student gifts and learning on display. We look forward to being blessed by those who have stepped forward to share some of their experiences from this past semester. We anticipate everything from poems to canoes to data crunching and all points in between. It should be a lot of fun and we would invite you, our community, to be there. We would also invite you to bring a friend along. Admission is free of charge. The assembly starts at 9am and as always, anyone is invited to attend to see what is going on at London Christian High. This particular assembly should be cool to be a part of.

In addition to the assembly, we will also have a wide variety of different ‘stuff’ on display throughout the building. Unfortunately we can’t fit everything into an assembly for time purposes, so our teachers have taken time to display some of our student’s work throughout the building. If you have not been to London Christian High in a while, this is a good day to stop in. We anticipate, much like last year, that we will have a variety of people wandering through, seeing what we have been up to over the past five months and congratulating our students and staff on a job well done. The rest o

f the day is designed to have visitors tour through in an open house type of format.

Here are a few highlights from this past semester as a quick sneak peak:

We would love to see you there!