As the second semester gets underway, most students at London Christian High are enjoying four new classes, mostly based in the school in our classrooms. However, with the new semester there are a group of students who have begun working outside of the school in a variety of businesses for either half the day or for the whole day. This program is known as co-operative education or co-op.

There are many awesome things about co-op. One is that you earn high school credits towards your Ontario Secondary School Diploma while working in a completely different environment. For some students, this is a really cool opportunity. Another really neat thing about co-op is that you make connections out in the world that often lead to other opportunities or perhaps even a real job. For one example, I know of a co-op student who did such an awesome job in a vet clinic in her grade twelve year that the clinic offered to hire her on in the summer following her graduation and also offered to help pay for part of her post-secondary education towards becoming a vet tech. Really cool!

Although there are many very cool things about co-op, one of the obvious trade-offs is that you are not in school connecting with your classmates in the same way that you normally would. For some students there is a bit of a disconnect that happens. On the flip side, often those of us who stay in the school during the semester forget about our co-op students who are out and about throughout the semester. Matt Rock, our shop and co-op teacher, has identified this issue and has put together a project with the co-op class to help with awareness of our co-op students during the semester while they are away. Here are some visuals raising awareness for the co-op program hanging in the school:

We wish all of our co-op students well this semester and we pray for a safe and exciting time learning in your new environments! Blessings!