At London Christian High we have been talking a lot about partnerships lately. We are thinking about ways to connect what we are doing inside the classroom and inside the building to the world outside in real and authentic ways. Ideally, partnerships are made up of two or more participants who both win based on their mutual arrangement. There are many logical partnerships that could be formed in each class, but often it can be challenging to get all of the logistics lined up properly. Fortunately, given enough work and persistence, it can be done. One example from last semester was one of our English as a Second Language (ESL) classes going to London Christian Elementary School (LCES) to do some reading in a Kindergarten class. This was an awesome opportunity for our ESL students to practice their verbal skills and it was a win-win as the Kindergarten students at LCES got to hear some really great stories!

More recently, this past week, four London Christian High teachers and a handful of students spent the better part of a day at Immanuel Christian School (ICS) in Aylmer running classroom based workshops. Again, from our perspective this was a real win-win situation as our staff and students had a chance to share some of their learning and passion while offering ICS students a chance to have some different experiences outside of their regular daily routine.

Here are some pictures from the day:

It was a great day for our staff and by all accounts, it was a great day for the students at ICS as well. We continue to look for more and different partnerships that could be formed in our wider community, both for the sake of our own students as well as for the betterment of our neighbours. Whether it is a business, a non-profit, a school or a church, we are always open to suggestion. In the end, we believe that God is calling us to take our learning and apply it in new and creative ways both inside and outside of the school for His Kingdom work. It is opportunities like those described above that, while seemingly small, can lead toward huge positive change.