It is an exciting time for students as they work toward the end of their time in high school and make plans for post secondary pursuits, whatever they may be.  Of course, at the same time as they are looking ahead and planning for the future they are working to do their best in their studies right now, and need to finish well!

Especially in Grade 12, students encounter many questions, deadlines and big decisions. We are interested in hearing from both students and parents about what information would be helpful to you. Would you please take the time to email Jacky Dieleman with questions that you are wondering about, and information that you would like to receive from the Guidance office?  How can we help support you and your students as you navigate the final year(s) of high school and the transition to post secondary life? Please contact Jacky at or 519-455-4360 ext 221.

In the meantime, your Grade 12 student is part of a group in Edsby where I am posting information about scholarships, upcoming due dates, helpful info for applying to university and college, and so on.  Updates are made several times per week–please join your student in reading the info that is posted there!