The trip to Growing Chefs was a great experience. We learned about the food production cycle, tried out some plating techniques, and got to make a delicious, healthy meal, made from local ingredients. I thought the trip was organized very efficiently. Groups of students moved through different stations, each with its own engaging activities. In one station, we learned about the pros and cons of eating local, learned our place and impacts on the food production cycle, and took a tour of their garden. In that station we also completed a scavenger hunt, searching for various plants and insects, also discovering a few interrelationships between those plants and insects. In another station, we learned the importance of food presentation and the different aspects that add value to a dish. We also learned different plating techniques and got to try them out on our own desserts. We had access to a wide variety of sauces, toppings, and tools to do this. In a third station, students got to help prepare their own meal. We created bread, kale and apple salad, creamy pesto pasta, as well as a delicious tomato soup. When all groups had finished their activities, we got to sit down for our meal in the decorative dining room. Lunch was likely the highlight of the trip for many students. Overall, our trip to Growing Chefs was an educational, enjoyable, and delicious experience.

~ GraceAnn Kroondijk