Our Students’ Council plays a vital role at LDCSS. It provides leadership to our student body and it helps to make our school a great place to be a student.

Students’ Council serves as a voice for our student body. It also organizes and helps fund a number of social and recreational events (such as Welcome Day, Spring Banquet, end of year social activity).

Our Students’ Council executive:
•    Female and male co-presidents: Riley Chachulski and Emily Nagy
•    Social coordinator: Nichola deDreu
•    Secretary: Laura Damsma
•    Treasurer: Ben Lammers

This executive was elected by the student body in May of 2016. Two staff members, Mr. Bentum and Mrs. Dielemen serve as advisors to the Students’ Council and as a liaison to the staff.

Students’ Council These fees and other revenues raised by students’ council are intended to be used for activities and projects involving students. These include sports, social and recreational activities, guest speakers for assemblies, the subsidization of various student committees and clubs, and donations made on behalf of our student body. Students’ council is responsible for disbursing all funds that it receives in the best interests of our student body and school community.