London Christian High is a private school funded primarily by tuition. Tuition costs vary slightly from year to year and also from family to family depending on your particular situation. One key thing to note is that all tuition paid is eligible for a charitable tax receipt and some families see several thousand dollars come back in the form of a charitable return. Having said this, to give you a picture of our current year tuition rates, please see below:

2017-2018 Tuition Rates

London Christian High OnlyLondon Christian High
& Christian Elementary
1 Child$15,047
($1,368/mo. for 11 mo.)
($1,094/mo. for 11 mo.)
2 Children$16,677
($1,516/mo. for 11 mo.)
($1,213/mo. for 11 mo.)

What’s included in tuition?
Almost everything. Tuition includes transportation services, program and sports fees, field trips, and extracurricular fees. Some exceptions include overnight trips (ie. Europe, Quebec, and Choir trips).

Are there bursaries available?
Yes! Depending on your financial situation, you could qualify for a bursary of between 5-50% of the total tuition cost and the application process for a bursary is quick and confidential. If you desire a Christian high school education for your child but the investment is a barrier, please talk
to us!

More Questions?
Contact Gabriella Hoogstra for more detailed information about how tuition or bursaries work atLondon Christian High.

Email:     Phone: 519-455-4360 ext. 231

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