LDCSS receives no government funding for its program or facilities. Our school programs and facilities are supported through tuition, through generous donations from donors who support Christian education, as well as from school rental income.

Tuition fees are set annually by the Board of Directors, and affirmed at the spring membership meeting.  A substantial portion of the tuition fees are eligible for a charitable donation receipt for the person paying the tuition.

For the 2015-2016 school year the tuition for a family with one child at LDCSS is $12,228.  There is a 20% discount for families that have children enrolled in another Christian school.
There is a 10% increase for families with more than one child attending LDCSS.
Bussing is a separate fee and costs vary based on location.

Tuition fees cover the cost of activities that are compulsory for a class or grade level, as well as the cost of textbooks.  Students purchase personal study aids such as notebooks and calculators.  Students may also be required to contribute towards admission costs for extended field trips or long distance travel for sporting events, (see FAQs).

Tuition fees are due and payable by either pre-authorized payment or post-dated cheques, no later than June 1st, prior to the beginning of the applicable school year.

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