London Christian High offers a dynamic program, which exceeds the Ministry of Education’s Diploma requirements, while exposing teens to a variety of community service opportunities, people, and teaching techniques.  The student’s high school experience at London Christian is purposefully built on our desire to enable students to grow in their Christian faith, and in their commitment and ability to apply their faith to every aspect of their lives, in service to God and community.

There is a strong sense of Christian community amongst students and staff at LDCSS. An ethos of care characterizes our school. Students enjoy positive student to student and student to staff relationships.

Approximately 75-80% of our graduates continue their education at the post-secondary level. The remaining 20-25% take some additional high school courses, or serve an apprenticeship, or enter the work force, or get involved in a volunteer program.  Graduates applying for college or university admission are generally accepted into their school of choice and program of choice.

Because of our size there are ample opportunities to get involved in student life. During their years at LDCSS our students have an opportunity to distinguish themselves in the arts (drama, music, visual), athletics, community service, cooperative education, student leadership and other aspects of school life, as well as academics.

What Others Say About Us


“We are thankful for the dedication, care and concern shown by so many of the teachers our daughter has had. Meeting so many of you at parent teacher interviews, I’ve been impressed with your professionalism, knowledge of your students’ strengths and weaknesses, and most of all for your genuine concern for their welfare. That, I believe, is a real strength among you as staff. Our daughter received blessings from many of you as her teachers and we are grateful for that. We are thankful for the opportunities she’s had for spiritual growth and for the spiritual leadership you daily provided for her. Some of her strong memories will include the way the school prayed and mourned together in tough times. That is of immeasurable worth in the eyes of us as parents. We are also thankful for the opportunities she’s had to use her gifts in music.  The confidence that she’s gained in this area, especially in the last two years, is wonderful to see. Thank you to all of you who have encouraged her.”



“I want to let you know how thoroughly I enjoyed my parent teacher interviews. I really did not want to drive to London that day for eight minutes with three teachers. That day was rather busy and I thought that close to three hours of driving (both ways) was too much for 24 minutes of talking with teachers. However, I was so happy that I did make the trip. The teachers I met with were so very warm, inviting and genuine. They made me feel that my son really mattered. They showed their love for teaching and for their students. I was so impressed and thankful. My husband and I want to express our heartfelt gratitude for their Christian consideration for  our son and offer you our encouragement in pursuing God’s mandate to educate our children in His ways.”


Pat McDonald, Scotian Isle Bakery

“We have had three co-op students from London Christian. They were sincere, hard-working students. Each one had the ability to get the job done. I couldn’t do without Kristen (a current employee who did her co-op placement at Scotian Isle in 2006)."

Pat McDonald, Scotian Isle Bakery  Co-op program sponsor

James A. Fraser, Executive Director

“The participants at the Ark Aid Street Mission are uplifted and thankful for the presence of London District Christian Secondary School. How they appreciate you folk and your willingness to come on board the Ark to serve and socialize with them as you do. Your team of students has indeed been a blessing and we thank you for the leadership of your teacher(s) and the love and loyalty of your team members. THANK YOU so very, very much.”

James A. Fraser, Executive Director  Ark Aid Street Mission